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Your brand is one of the most valuable parts of your business. It helps consumers identify your goods and services and enables you to build a reputation and customer loyalty. Various aspects of your branding can be registered as a trade mark, including your company name, logo, strapline and individual product names etc.

You can get all the help you need from Oulian IP

We can conduct clearance searches to ensure that a mark is free for use, so that you do not spend time and money on marketing materials only to find that you have to change your mark as a result of conflict with an earlier right. 

We prepare suitable specifications of goods and services for filing, to ensure that any resulting registration adequately covers your interests. 

We prepare and file trade mark applications on your behalf and deal with any associated objections or oppositions. 

We can assist you in registering your trade marks in France and Europe, depending on your current and future business requirements. In an ideal world, you would register all trade marks, for all goods/services of interest and in all territories in which you trade or intend to trade. However, we understand that it is a significant investment and we will work with you to ensure that you secure the best protection for your budget.

Other services include

  • filing oppositions to applications filed by third parties;
  • filing and defending revocation and invalidation actions;
  • recording changes of name and address and changes in ownership; 
  • negotiating and concluding co-existence and settlement agreement;
  • sending cease and desist letters;
  • attending to trade mark renewals.

Please note that these represent an application which proceeds to registration without encountering objections from the Trade Marks Office or oppositions from third parties.


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