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European Trademark Application Process

Choose a Trade Mark + conduct clearance search (optional)

Prepare and File Trade Mark Application at
EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)






Submit the application to the EUIPO, and the authorities will accept the trademark application that meets the requirements, and give the application date and application number.

Report Published For opposition Purposes 

(3 months)

The authority does not conduct a substantive examination of the applied trademark. If the application is initially accepted for registration, it will be announced. The period of opposition is 3 months from the date of announcement. Any natural or legal person in 27 member states has the right to challenge the trademark. If the opposition or observation is not established, the trademark will be registered;

No Opposition filed


If the applicant's trademark application for registration is rejected (including the rejection of the Community trademark application due to an opposition from a member country), the applicant can convert the EU trademark to a separate trademark in one or several countries within three months For applications, the original application date and priority date are also enjoyed.

If the applicant ’s registered trademark is rejected and the applicant is dissatisfied, he may apply to the EU Trademark Review Board for review. If there is reason to believe that the review of the EU Trademark Review Board ’s ruling violates the Rome Treaty or the Community Trademark Regulations, he may also file European Court of Appeals.

Convention Deadline 

Renewal Fees Due Every 10 Years


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