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With their outstanding educational and professional backgrounds, the patent and trade mark attorneys in our engineering team are as comfortable with blueprints and designs as they are with legal documents.

They understand the sector and disciplines you operate in, which makes them the perfect team to help protect your valuable ideas.




French patent attorney

European patent attorney

Maxime, 20 years strong experience in patents, has worked for many firms and research institute in the field of mechanics and physics. 

Maxime wrote numerous patent applications and managed granting procedures worldwide but mainly in Europe, USA and China for famous client like Valéo, Faurecia, Messier Bugatti Dowty, Airbus, ABB, Peugeot, Toshiba, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), Interuniversity microelectronics centre (IMEC)

Technical fields:
- physics
- mechanical engineering
- automotive
- aeronautic
- building, materials.

French and English


Master’s degree in science of University of Lille

Master’s degree in business law of University of Lille

Diploma of the International Centre of Studies in Intellectual Property – University of Strasbourg




French patent attorney 

European patent attorney

Rosalie, 20 years of expertise in patents. She has worked for several premium firms and for French research institutes in the field of chemistry, biology and medicine.

Rosalie wrote numerous patent applications and managed granting procedures in Europe, USA, China and Japan for well-known clients as Arkema, Toto, Toshiba, Takasago, Daicel, Sumitomo, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), French national health and medical research organisation (INSERM).

Technical fields:
- chemistry

- medicaments

- chemical engineering,
- process engineering,

- food industry

- cosmetic

- biotechnology

- mechanic.


French, English and Japanese


Master’s degree in chemical engineering (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des industries Chimiques)

Master’s degree in international public policy of Osaka University

Diploma of the International Centre of Studies in Intellectual Property – University of Strasbourg




Attorney at law / National Council of Bars (CNB, Paris)

European trademark attorney

Coraline, 8 years of practice in trademark law, to protect, register, monitor, and defend trademarks, through administrative procedures or court proceedings, for various clients (companies, administrations, associations, entrepreneurs, individuals).


Certificate of specialization in intellectual property law
International Centre of Studies in Intellectual Property (CEIPI Strasbourg)

Master in International Business Law

University of Exeter (UK)

Master 2 in intellectual property and new technologies

Grenoble University




Thomas is in charge of the Partnership development of Oulian IP in China.

Thomas is a French experimented General Manager based in China.

With 21 years in China, he got an outstanding experience in multinational and small companies in services and industries sectors covering Electrical Transmission and Automation, Machinery for Packing and Beverage industry, Construction of Luxury Hospitality solution, Training & Consulting, and Accounting and Audit.

He has been involved directly in the creation and the development of 5 successful companies in China as General Manager or Finance director.


Master's degree of International Management

Master's degree of Accounting and Finance CPA


European law firm, patent and trademark attorneys

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European patent & trademark attorneys


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