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Oulian IP have experienced, proactive European patent attorneys who can provide you with expert advice and guidance on European patents. There are two routes to patent protection in Europe.

To understand more about which one might be right for you, please watch the short video below.


A European patent application provides a means of obtaining patent protection in some or all of the more than 30 contracting states of the European Patent Office (EPO) by filing a single application. In other words, you can potentially protect your invention across the whole of the EU market based on a single patent application.

Click here for a list of available countries and click here for a map.

Our European patent attorneys are all highly qualified with engineering and scientific backgrounds, and are able to draft, file, prosecute and validate European Patents under the European Patent Convention (EPC).

When granted, a European patent gives protection in the designated states where the patent has been validated. In other words, a granted European patent does not automatically provide EU-wide protection, and formal action is needed to bring a European patent into force in the desired countries after grant. Most European patents are not validated in every available country, instead covering the countries which are the most commercially important for you.

Overall, a European patent application can be an effective way of obtaining protection for an invention in a number of European States. We can also provide very cost-effective payment of European and national patent renewal fees.

What happens when I’m ready to file an application?
For European patent applications, Oulian IP uses a secure and immediate online filing system. This online filing system also provides discounted official fees, and we are proud to pass on these cost-savings in full to our clients.

Please explore the following sections for further details of the European patent application procedure.

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