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Europe Patent Coverage

Map showing the geographic coverage of european patents in mars 2018

Member States (38 countries)

Italy (IT)
Liechtenstein (LI)
Lithuania (LT)
Luxembourg (LU)
Latvia (LV)
Monaco (MC)
Macedonia (MK)
Malta (MT)
Netherlands (NL)
Norway (NO)
Poland (PL)
Portugal (PT)
Romania (RO)
Serbia (RS)
Sweden (SE)
Slovenia (SI)
Slovakia (SK)
San Marino (SM)
Turkey (TR)

Albania (AL),

Austria (AT),
Belgium (BE)
Bulgaria (BG)
Switzerland (CH)
Cyprus (CY),
Czech Republic (CZ)
Germany (DE)
Denmark (DK)
Estonia (EE)
Spain (ES)
Finland (FI)
France (FR)
United Kingdom (GB)
Greece (GR)
Croatia (HR)
Hungary (HU)
Ireland (IE)
Iceland (IS)

Extension states (2 countries)

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA)
Montenegro (ME)
also recognize the validity of European patents in their countries.

Validation States (4 countries)

Morocco (MA, March 1, 2015)
Moldova (MD, November 1, 2015)
Tunisia (TN, December 1, 2017)
Cambodia (KH, 2018 3) From January 1

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